Thank You

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas time and have been enjoying yourselves since school broke up.

I just wanted to thank you all for all your kind wishes of luck for the future. You have all be very thoughtful and I truly appreciate all the lovely cards and presents. Old Heath, and all the parents and pupils, make this a very special place and I shall miss you all.

Keeping working hard and remember to keep on amazing us!

Mr Smith

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Final Week of Term

The festive season is truly with us now and there is a fun filled week planned for year 4.

It really gets under way on Monday with the Carol Concert in St Barnabas Church at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Please make sure you child is back at school no early than 5.30 and by 5.50 at the latest so that we can arrive in time for the evening service to begin.

Of course, on Tuesday there is the annual school visit to the pantomime. Plenty of excitement there. For those children who are not going to the pantomime, Mrs Russell will be organising alternative entertainment at school. Oh yes she is!

On Thursday we have our Christmas Dinner and will spend time making hats for the celebration during the morning. In the afternoon, the children will have the opportunity to play a game that they can bring in from home. Please don’t let them bring in anything electronic, such as tablets or DSs, as it’s a chance to share a favourite game with school friends.

On Friday we will have the annual Christmas Service in the Church at around 9.15. We will be having a class Christmas Party shortly before lunch, so the children are welcome to bring in a change of clothes if they wish. Equally the children may want to bring in some party food. If so, could I ask that girls bring in something sweet and the boys savoury. That way we get a good selection for all tastes.

If you want to know anything else, please ask.

Merry Christmas,

Mr Smith

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The Penultimate Big Write of the Year

Seeing as the festive season is upon us, this week, the Big Write will be entitled “It Was The Night Before Christmas.” The idea is that the children will write a story that expresses the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve. We watched this clip to show how anticipation can build.  We have spoken in class about some options, so talk with your child about some of those ideas.

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Practising division using dominoes




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We made our own Doodle Jump games





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Make a decoration

This Thursday, the 4th of December, we will be decorating the school Christmas tree in the hall.

The tree is traditionally weighed down under a considerable number of decorations made by the children from each class.

It would be fantastic if you also made a decoration to hang, although I realise it is only in 3 days time. If you need any help, just ask me.

Be creative and have fun!

Mr Smith

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Almost there with our games





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Posters to explain how to divide





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Controlling robots





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Preparing our drama





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